Victoria - Vancouver Island

Trish and I had planned to head over to Victoria having heard many good things about the city. We had also arranged to have the long defunct auto pilot replaced and get some other boat jobs done while we were there.

Phil had an old school friend there and with her help we had organised parts to be shipped, local electronics specialists, metal workers, etc to start work the day we arrived.

The plan was to leave them to get on ith things while we headed back to the mainland for a long planned road trip around BC visiting friends and taking in the stunning scenery of this part of the world. Sadly with so much to get done before we headed south once more this was not to be.

The first task was to replace our jury rigged engine coolant header tank and with the help of a great guy called Lloyd we designed and he fabricated a new stainless steek tank.

Having had problems with the old Iridium systems we also updated our satcom systems with a new Iridium Pilot package that provides global coverage, cheaper and faster voice and data downloads.

With a much larger antennae we had to fit a new pole and once more Lloyd came into his own fabricating new brackets and supports.

As is always the case what appeared simple, 5 minute jobs turned into marathons and my decision to replace the old B&G analogue instruments with new raymarine digital multi-function displays necessitated the purchase of an angle grinder and discs, removal of all the electronics on the pedestal, cutting out the pedestal facia to create a new layout and a major re-wiring excercise on all instruments. We also took the opportunity to relocate the centre board controls to make life easier in the future. The final result is a simpler , more ergonomic layout, easier to see and operate.