When we bought Novara part of the deal was to visit Barton, her previous owner at his home in Anacortes, so once the work had been completed in Victoria and Phil and Terje had arrived we backtracked to Anacortes to make good our promise.

We had kept in contact with barton and he was waiting on the dock to take our lines and ease our way through US customs and immigration once more.

We spent a really enjoyable few days with him as he showed us around the area. He is a man of many parts and has his own 4 seater plane that Phil and Terje were quick to hitch a ride on, getting a great view of the San Juan islands from the air.

He also very generously lent his Condo on the Seattle waterfront to Trish and I for a few days before she flew home. A great guy who we will meet again in 2016.