San Francisco

With Trish headed back to Europe, Phil, Terje and I headed south to San Francisco and having visited the city some years ago with Trish and the kids it was pretty special sailing Novara under the Golden gate bridge.

We had always planned a visit but did not realise that it would co-incide with Fleet Week and the air displays that would take place over the weekend above San Francisco Bay.

We were told that it was a spectacular event both in the air and on the water with literally 1,000's of boats taking to the water to get a grandstand view but nothing could have prepared us for the madness of boats of all shapes and sizes criss crossing the bay, shepherded by police and coastguard motor launches in 25 knots of true wind and an incoming tide!


Both the US air force and the Naval air forces put on incredible displays and we were sitting less than 100m off the rocks by Alcatraz when 5 F18 came screeming over the top of the prison, too fast to get a decent photo.

All the displays took place in a small corridor in front of the city and over the GG bridge.

With all marinas full to bursting on the San Francisco side of the bay we got a berth on the island of Alameda and again this co-incided with a classic car show of over 200 vehicles lining the main street of the town.