Winter Quarters

Novara is now safely tucked up in La Paz, Mexico. Situated on the east side of the Baja peninsula in the Sea of Cortez, she will wait here until we return for our 2016 adventures.

Since leaving Kodiak in June we have sailed almost 5,000nm from just south of the Arctic circle to some 50nm south of the Tropic of Cancer.

I realise that I have been somewhat tardy with both blog and position updates since Vancouver but we have covered over 2,300nm in around 6 weeks and been busy with boat fixes, upgrades, etc.

However, during that time we have had some more memorable times, making new friends in Victoria on Vancouver Island, meeting up again with Barton,Novara's previous owner in Anacortes, arriving in San Francisco in time for the Fleet Week airshow and a truly incredible experience with Whales, dolphins, Sea Lions and more in Monteray bay.

​I promise that I will bring the blog up to date asap and create some photo galleries of this years trip.