Whale Sharks

Our last video of the Whale sharks was seen by friends Thom and Karen, and sparked their interest in seeing these huge fish for themselves. They are super keen travellers and although they had just returned from trips to Cuba and Japan, jumped on a plane and flew south to join us in La Paz.

Once again Josie arranged to take us out but on the morning we headed out the weather did not look to be in our favour, cold, windy and cloudy we motored slowly through the area where the sharks feed without sighting any. But within the space of about 10 minutes the weather changed, the wind dropped, the sun came out and we found ourselves in the middle of about 20 Whale Sharks feeding on the surface.

We dropped slowly off the side of the boat alongside what we thought was just one small shark to find that there were four in a tight group all around us and one a huge adult about 30ft long, one of the biggest even Josie had seen in over 20 years of swimming with these gentle giants.

The water was nutrient rich, creating poor visibility in the water but with flat seas and clear blue skies we were able to get some amazing shots off the boat and fully appreciate the size and shape of these remarkable creatures.