Goodbye La Paz

We finally got away from La Paz after 5 weeks working on the boat. we headed north through the islands to try and get to see the Rays that are known to leap out of the water, said to be the only type and only place in the world where this can be seen. We were fortunate to see half a dozen or so doing these acrobatics but unfortunately the evening light was too bad to get any photographs. Our route took us north as far as Bahia Verde where we went ashore to a small isolated village and also met up with a 1927, gentleman's launch that had played host in the past to such luminaries as Walt Disney and Teddy Roosevelt.

As it approached the bay I could not make out the unique note of its engine and later found out it was one of the early 6 cylinder diesel engines. Nothing unusual about that except its maximum rpm was 320 and its cruising rpm 150!, hence its unusual sound.