La Cruz de Huanacaxtle

It was now time to begin heading south in preparation for our passages that would take us to Chile before the onset of the southern winter so following a brief stop in Mazatlan and a slight detour to the bird sanctuary on Isla Isabella we headed across to La Cruz de Huanacaxtle on the northern shore of Banderas Bay.

The plan was to stay just a few days to prepare for the first leg to the Galapagos islands but fate has intervened and we are stuck here waiting for a new propeller shaft to arrive from Norway!!!!

Why is a long story best told over a beer or cold glass of white wine but the upshot is that friends Phil and Monique could not wait for the new shaft and so flew on to the Galapagos before flying home to Europe but fortunately Ken and Neil, crew on the 2nd and 3rd legs were able to change plans and will arrive tomorrow, probably a day or two before the new parts!!!!!!

hey Ho, it's a boat!!!!!

Still...we did get to hang around during the small towns annual festival with the highlight being the arrival of around 100 horses and their cowboy riders. these horses and known for their dancing skills and need to encouragement to begin prancing around to the beat of the various Mariachi bands that performed in the square.

This is a great family occasion, partly religious, partly carnival, noisy but great fun.

In addition to the horses, bands, religious parades there were also some of the local indians complete with authentic dress.