I had not intended to sail to Ecuador but the change of plans saw us sail into Puerto Lucia Marina in the coastal town of La Libertad. This is about 120 miles south of the area worst hit by the April earthquake and numerous after shocks that killed over 660 people, injuring over 20,000 and destroying thousands of homes and businesses. Climate change my see Europe affected by more floods than in the past but we do not have to fear our homes falling on our heads!

Novara is being cared for while I am away by Marisol Stewart and Jeremy Whalen of Stewart Yates and Servicios in Puerto Lucia and I have travelled on to Guayaquil with the rest of the crew for the KLM flights home.

Guayaquil is by far the largest city in Ecuador and its major seaport.

It is really has little of interest for tourists other than its award winning Malacon, its World heritage Art District and the old Santa Ana city centre spread out across the hills.