Archipelago De Chanos

From Chiloe we sailed south east back to the channels between the mainland and the Archipelago De Chonas. This island chain extends as far south as the Northern Patagonian Icecap and is a maze of islands large and small and “Canales” that run in every direction.

The largest Canales are main shipping routes that allow the numerous coastal ships to avoid the stormy seas of the roaring forties for much of the length of the southern half of Chile.

The islands are hilly but covered with vegetation that makes access impossible but anchorages are to be numerous and secure. The only way we could penetrate beyond the shoreline was by using the dinghy in the larger rivers and steams.

There are many small villages dotted amongst the islands and also huts used by fisherman.

This old (?) man and his wife rowed about 1 mile in this leaky old boat to exchange 8 crabs for 4 cans of beer! We added some rice, granary bars and red wine to the deal!

We had to leave the shelter of the islands and brave the Roaring Forties for a 150nm overnight passage south before we could re-enter the islands of the Archipelago Guayaneco that shelter the Southern Patagonia Icecap.