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Isla Chiloe

With all preparations and provisioning complete we left Puerto Montt and sailed SSW to spend a few days on Isla Grande de Chiloe, the 6th largest island on the continent of South America.

It has a different feel from Puerto Montt linked only by ferry to the mainland and has a long seafaring background. It also differs from the islands further south with fewer trees on the rolling hills.

We visited Castro, the largest town on the island, anchoring just off the Armada office where we paid our respects and spent a day looking around town and sampling the local fish stew.

Some of the houses in Castro Palifitos

From Castro we continued to Quellon the southernmost town on the island that is a hub for fishing and processing plants. It was also the last place we saw mussel farms, as collecting bi-valves (mussels, clams, etc) is banned below 43 degrees south due to Red Tide poisoning.


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