Although Ferdinand Magellan first discovered the passage between the Atlantic and Pacific in 1520 that now bears his name, and the discovery of the Beagle channel was not until the 1830’s.

The maze of islands, Seno’s (Sounds or Fiords), Canales (Channels) along the Chilean coast were not really surveyed until the late 1800’sor early 1900’s. Even so much of the area remained unsurveyed and the area that was still has many hazards for the unwary captain.

As we sailed south through the Canales that separate Patagonia from the worst the Roaring Forties and Furious Fifties has to offer, we passed a number of ships that had foundered in these passages.

Capitan Leonidas

This ship went aground on an unmarked shoal in mid channel and is now home to a lush green carpet and lots of birdlife

As we sailed south we passed other wrecks, some small and insignificant and some like the wreck of the Hazel Branch that went aground in 1904 are still pretty impressive.