Southern Cross - Update

We had met with Howard as we both sailed south through Canal Magdalena on the 9th February, with friends and his shore side support team subsequently e mailing details of his plans to sail his 11ft 11in boat around Cape Horn.

So we were very sad to hear that he had experienced difficulties in severe weather on the 25th February. First reports suggested that Southern Cross had been lost when pushed on to the rocks in 40 kt winds and that Howard had been rescued by the Chilean Armada having put out a distress call.

We later learned that Howard had in fact made it into an anchorage and although tied to the shore the Williwaws of over 70 kts (83mph) had created a swirling vortex that twice overturned the boat and each time Howard was able to right the boat and recover the equipment.

But on the 3rd occasion with his strength failing Howard was unable to right Southern Cross and was forced to swim to the shore, even this took over an hour and the last of his strength.

The Armada arrived but unable to effect a rescue at night Howard had to wait until first light for the Ship to send in the RIB to pick him up.

Ever determined, once he arrived in Puerto Williams Howard found a friendly fisherman to take him back to recover Southern Cross and is now looking to sail her back along his planned route to Punta Arenas.

A very brave and determined man!