The Return Passage

We had allowed ourselves a 12 day period to find a suitable stable weather window to make our 5 to 6 day return passage to Stanley but the southern ocean has other plans for us.

A series of lows passing over our route kept us from leaving and now a huge storm is developing around Cape Horn that will circle north and hit the Falkland Islands late on Friday or Saturday and South Georgia on Saturday and Sunday.

At its peak this storm was forecast to cover up to 3,000 sq miles of ocean and has constant winds in excess of 45 knots with much higher gusts and seas up to 12 metres!

No place for a boat of any kind let alone a small sailing boat.

This will mean we will miss our flights and have to rebook.

Hey ho.

The weather has been poor, stopping us getting out and about for much of the time.

At present we are sitting in Prince Olav Harbour in 35kt winds with 50+ williwaws.

Hopefully the weather will improve and we can at least get out for a walk over the next few days.

The guys are handling it OK and after the initial disappointment have remained stoic.

South Georgia holds all the cards!