South Georgia is renowned for the abundance of wildlife and is visited by documentary teams each year to record and study them. On our last visit to Grytviken as we headed north we met a BBC documentary team that were planning to spend 5 weeks studying the huge King penguin colony in St Andrews Bay to try to understand how the parents of a single chick can identify their own from the unimaginable numbers there.

It is estimated that there are around 750,000 King penguins in St Andrews Bay alone with more colonies dotted around the island. In addition to the King penguins there are also Adele, Macaroni and Gentoo's.

Abundant birdlife is another feature of the island is home during the breeding season to a number of types of Albatross, magnificent birds with the great wandering albatross the largest of the species.

During our stay we encountered a variety of seals, the aggressive Fur seals, Weddel seals whose numbers on the island are in decline, massive Elephant seal bulls and their smaller harem and the amazing leopard seals.

We were lucky to have a few keen photographers on board, non more so Than Bjorn Riis Johannessen who took these amazing shots.