Back to Stanley

The team arrived back in Stanley on the 30th having flown in from Norway, Holland, Switzerland and France.

Bjorn, Terje, Alex and I from the South Georgia expedition have been joined by Phil Morgan, a veteran of the NWP and who has been with the project since its very beginning but missed the last 2 legs. We met Paddy Griffin while at the BAS base in Grytviken and Andrew Cassels signed up to take the 7th berth having been identified as a strong addition by Bjorn and his Swiss Alpine Club contacts.

This is a very strong and experienced team of sailor/mountaineers and we hope to use our collective strengths to explore as much of the Peninsula as time allows.

We are sharing the FIC jetty with some strange bedfellows, the Fur seals keep us awake at night, snoring and farting and as Terje is the elder statesman on the trip the Vultures have been looking at him with hungry eyes.