Although Alex had done a great job getting the boat ready after the wear and tear inflicted by South Georgia, there was much that could not be done without the spares required.

Some I was able to send via DHL but most had to be taken back with us.

My 23kg check in baggage was completely taken up with assorted spares, Bjorn used up one of his 32kg allowances with 100m of new reefing line and the new bridles and extender for the drogue.

Phil brought in assorted tools and a few smaller spares.

We all got to work on the remaining jobs and with all now complete we are ready to head off.

Bulk provisions and £750 of fruit and veg was ordered in advance, delivered and stowed and the large quantities of smaller items also purchased and stowed in every nook and cranny.

Bjorn had asked for a whole lamb to be bought and stowed on deck. Alex had become friendly with a local farmer and being very cheap had bought THREE!

With so many to find room for, I thought I would need a sheep dog to round them up!

We hope to get further south then the points reached by the cruise ships and charter yachts and possibly get even further than we did in 2007 when we got to 66.30 south.

So we need a lot more fuel than the 2,000 litres we normally carry, so have had to take on an additional 440 litres in a drum and fuel cans.

I do not like cluttered decks but in this case there is no option.