On to Enterprise Island

Our last night in the anchorage on Two Hummock Island was marked by almost constant thunder from the collapsing ice cliffs.

One huge ice column filled the anchorage with bergy bits and brash and made retrieving our shore lines more difficult.

We have come south to tie up alongside the wreck of the Gouvernoren, an old whaling processing ship that caught fire and ran aground.

It now provides yachts with the ability to sit securely alongside without anchoring and lines ashore.

Terje and I came here on Pelagic in 2007 and Bjorn has visited her a couple of times also.

In the small islets in the bay there is a large group of Fur seals and a Tern colony living in and around the wreck.

The remains of old wooden whaling ships lie abandoned along the shores.

Bjorn is a serious photographer and video maker and both Andrew and Paddy are avid photographers, so we should have great photos to upload once we get back in internet range.

But for now, here's one to whet the appetite.