Stopped in our Tracks

We have encountered a lot of ice on this trip so far but as we headed south from our Anchorage on Petermann Island the plan was to motor in light winds 65nm south to a safe anchorage in Mutton Cove.

The first 30 nm down the Grandidier Channel was in open water and we made good time until we hit an area of large icebergs that had grounded in 60 metres of water.

We were able to weave our way through these but about 10nm further south we hit a large area of 4/10ths ice that slowed us down to a crawl.

The ice then thickened with areas of 7/10th and so we turned west to try and skirt around this band but then came to a complete stop at a wall of impenetrable? ice and bergs at 65:52S 65:10W

This stretched from the Peninsula out to Reynard Island and we had no alternative but to turn north west along the shores of Larrouy Island but with the wind now building and turning to the east we made the decision to head back to Duchalay Island and an anchorage on the south coast.

We awoke the following day to cold gray skies and sleet and snow all day long so we decided to sit out another day and do some boat jobs.