Recluse Peninsula

Terje and I had visited this area in 2007 when on Pelagic.

We had some great weather and four of us skied to the top of Igloo Hill and then Paul Josse and I continued on to climb Harris Peak, putting a camp in on the large snow bowl beneath the approach slopes.

I hoped for similar weather again this time and awoke to find beautiful blue skies, no wind and great visibility.

Icebergs in Charlotte Bay

With such good weather we took the opportunity to repeat our Igloo Hill ascent and Alex, Andrew, Paddy and I had a great day out.

Much has changed since 2007 with many more crevasses to be found and clear signs that the glaciers are deflating.

There is also far more land to be seen at the margins and a lot more ice in the water.

Novara in Portal Point

There used to be an old BAS hut at Portal point but this was removed in 1997 and all that remains are the foundations.