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Humpback Whale Calf

As we approached the Recluse Peninsula, passing first Wilhelmina Bay and then sailing into Charlotte Bay we passed a number of Humpback Whales, criss crossing both entrances in pairs in a manner that appeared a little unusual at the time.

As we entered the anchorage at Portal Point we saw a dead Humpback whale calf on the rocky shoreline.

A closer inspection showed that the calf had died very recently, had no signs of attack or a collision with a larger vessel and the birds had not yet had time to feed of the carcass.

As this is a very unusual occurrence we reported the sighting to the British Antarctic Survey who asked us to take some tissue samples to be handed in on our return to Port Stanley. These samples would then be analysed to see if the cause of death could be identified.

I wondered if the behaviour we saw from the group of whales at the entrance had anything to do with the missing calf?

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