The large bay of Baia do Ilha Grande is a wonderful cruising area and it would have been good to have had the time to explore the many islands and anchorages but time was short and so after a brief stop at Angre dos Reis and an overnight on the large island of Ilha Grande we moved on to Rio arriving at night to see the large finger of Christ lit up against dark and menacing clouds.

Things looked a little brighter in the daytime and we took the opportunity to visit some of the neighbourhoods and the famous Ipanema beach area. Sadly it was blowing a full gale and so the girl from Ipanema was nowhere to be seen so we had to content ourselves with a shot of Terje!

We had lunch in the restaurant where the famous song was written but with a favourable weather window ahead to be followed by a week of headwinds we cut short our stay and moved north to the large and very modern city of Vittorio.