Blog Update # 1.

I realise that it has been some time since I last updated Novara's progress.

It is not as though nothing has been happening, since Salvador in Brazil I have been Joined by Olga and Slava two amazing, adventurous people that have added a new dimension to the passages. In their company Terje and I sailed to French Guyana where Terje left to head home and Tricia joined us for the exploration of the rivers in French Guyana, Surinam and Guyana. From there we sailed on to Tobago, a beautiful island with nice warm and friendly people.

From there it was a relatively short hop over to Grenada, our favorite of all the Caribbean islands where we lifted Novara out of the water for safety during the hurricane season. New stakpaks, bimini, mast boots, Isolation transformer and two new freezer compressors made a hole in our bank balance but Novara is looking shiny and new.

When Trish and I got back after a few weeks at home we met up with Olga and Slava again and sailed on to Curacao via Blanquilla and Los Roques.