Novara....Built for the job

Novara is a Bestevaer 60C and was designed in Holland by the famed Dykstra naval architects.

She was built by Damstra in Holland as a "scientific research vessel" with the focus on high latitude cruising and her ice strengthened hull was built to exceedingly high construction standards with emphasis placed on safety, comfort, reliability and ease of operation by a husband and wife or otherwise short-handed crew.


She is well suited for ocean voyaging with her strongly built all aluminum construction, 40 mm in bow stem area, 15 mm at keel stem base plating, 10 mm keel sides, 8 mm topsides, 6 mm deck plating, double spaced ribs and stringers for extra strength she is a true ICEBREAKER!


Double bottom for much of the boat’s length (fuel, water, gray water, and ballast tanks). Five separate watertight compartments (aft storage areas, engine room, main living quarters, tool room, forepeak), watertight bulkheads, inside/outside steering stations, high-strength thermopane raised salon windows.

Novara has formidable ground tackle enabling her to ride out even the most extreme of conditions. one 55kg Rocna and one 45kg Bruce anchors are secured on her twin bow rollers and are operated by two Muir, heavy duty windlasses feed the 1/2 inch Stainless Steel chain into two independent chain lockers and a 25kg stern anchor, again operated by a heavy duty Muir windlass.