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In Tilman's wake (footsteps)

As a boy I read everything I could find on the early explorers. Tales of hardship and endurance seemingly from another world and certainly from another time. As I got older I came to appreciate just how tough and brave these men (and occassionally woman) were.

Nansen, Scott, Amundsen, Shackelton, Thesinger and many, many more became the heros of the day, long before movies and television created less impressive "stars" and role models for the young.


The exploits of Eric Shipton and H.W.(Bill) Tilman as they wandered around the Himalaya also caught my attention and Tilman's sailing exploits made for great reading.


Never an easy acclimatiser, the option for me to "climb off the boat" began to look more and more attractive as the passage of time began to take its toll!


So  like many others before me that have been inspired by the remarkable Bill Tilman, I have used Novara to reach inaccessible places to climb and explore.



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